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Our vision is to be passionate about developing great quality software.

The joy of challenges and the determination to get the best out of ourselves drive us constantly forward. Creating the best software solutions is precisely the reason why we love our job so much.

Our mission is to work together as a team with customers to achieve great results.
A close and at the same time transparent cooperation within the team and with the customers - on the basis of mutual respect, trust and recognition - is the foundation of our work.
With Spark we live our dream of strong teamwork and projects of the highest standard.


How do we make the most of every project for our customers?

By making our work processes flexible, agile and customer-specific. Whether as independent, fully functional or on-site expert teams, we flexibly address every need. The end result is a high-quality software solution that moves your business forward.


We are the complete package when it comes to software solutions: Our teams act holistically and independently.

Taking full responsibility for individual parts or an entire product.


Spark sends out both front-end and back-end specialists to strengthen existing in-house teams.

On-site, we immerse ourselves in the corporate structure and are able to develop the optimal software solution from within.


Thinking through a software project as a whole saves time, effort and money.

Accordingly, we are committed to agile project management with vision in software development.

How does Spark work?

Big goals require unique approaches.

And every goal needs an individual solution. For this reason, we approach each project with flexibility - adapted to the needs of each company.


Technical and business requirements are continuously evolving. This makes it difficult to plan a software project for the long term. Our answer to this: We work agile.

Short communication channels and tightly timed feedback loops enable us to react to new circumstances and, if necessary, adapt our approach.

Working in interdisciplinary teams allows us to act comprehensively and always maintain control of the project.

Added value

We maintain a special relationship with our business partners. During the cooperation we put ourselves in their shoes, act in their interest and have their goals constantly in mind.

Each project is characterized by an intensive exchange during the process. This affects all parties involved: whether development, product management, designers, DevOps, specialist departments as well as all other stakeholders.

We focus on long-term collaboration. This enables us to adapt better to our customers.

Our partners also benefit from our specific know-how: we pass on our knowledge in training and coaching sessions.


What unites all Spark employees? They are passionate about their job, they love to develop and design software, they want to achieve amazing things.

To get to the best possible solution is often a long journey that requires perseverance and diligence. That's why we choose our employees carefully.

We work in an open, family-like atmosphere where there is room for discussion and suggestions. We trust and respect each other and know each other's strengths as well as weaknesses. For this reason, we work best as a team.


The team concept is deliberately at the heart of our corporate philosophy. Spark lives from the people who work here.

For us, it is important to be able to rely on the skills of each individual. In return, our employees are actively involved in decision-making processes and can take responsibility for their area of expertise.

Getting a little better every day - As a team, we live continuous development. That's why we rely on a lively exchange of knowledge and coach employees on a regular basis. In addition, everyone is given time to devote to their own projects as well.


Every company has different goals, different demands, and faces different hurdles that have to be overcome.

We therefore do not work along predefined lines, but always individually. In doing so, we use both proven and current technologies. In the shortest possible time, we familiarize ourselves with existing systems, adapt them and can make improvements accordingly. We also support our customers with architecture decisions and technology selection. With the development of prototypes, we help to open up new business areas.

Front-end Development
Front-end Development
this is how we design and implement user interfaces
JSP JSF ThymeLeaf TypeScript JavaScript Angular jQuery Vue.js Material Design React
Back-end Development
Back-end Development
this is how we develop complex IT systems
Java Java EE Spring Spring Boot Camunda Node.js Kotlin
Data Management
Data Management
this is how we keep all data under control
SQL NoSQL JPA Hibernate Flyway Postgres MySQL Oracle Redis Elastic Search Solr Kafka JSON XML
this way we test and ensure quality
JUnit Mockito Selenium Karma Jasmine Gatling Dynatrace
Processes & Principles
Processes & Principles
this is how we work and organize our work
Clean Code Agile Software Engineering Scrum Kanban Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery Test-driven Development Domain-driven Design Microservices
Our Tools
Our Tools
this makes our development efficient
Jenkins Git Maven Gradle IntelliJ IDEA Visual Studio Code ELK-Stack Jamstack Docker


We offer cross-industry experience.

Our projects also differ in terms of scale, duration, as well as in the technologies used.

E-Commerce Software for the brokerage business in the retail industry
Development and design of software components in a microservice architecture.
Java Java EE Spring Spring Boot Groovy Eclipse RAP / SWT Hibernate Oracle Camunda Jasper Reports JUnit Jenkins JIRA
E-Commerce Enterprise application - mapping and simplification of business processes
Software architecture, evaluation of design decisions, team coaching, modeling and implementation of business processes, implementation of subcomponents
Java Java EE Spring Spring Boot AngularJS TypeScript JPA Hibernate Camunda Oracle Docker SOAP REST
Web Office related software for companies
Hybrid App (Web + Native), conception, architecture and development of a slide editor incl. PDF and PPTX export.
JavaScript C
Web, E-Commerce Product data acquisition in the e-commerce sector (price comparison)
Software Architecture, Technical Lead Frontend Development, Development and Requirements Analysis for in-house UI Framework, Development Backend & Frontend Components.
Web-Technologien (HTML, CSS, Javascript) Python Pyramid Web Framework pytest JIRA
Web, E-Commerce E-commerce marketplace for luxury watches
Software development (backend), design of software architecture for subsystems, team development, database design.
Java Spring Stripes MyBatis MySql JUnit Jenkins JIRA Maven REST
Web, E-Commerce E-commerce platform for comparing products
Software architecture, software development (backend), database design.
Java Spring Boot Hibernate Postgres Elastic Search REST
E-Commerce Community marketplace in the e-commerce sector
Software architecture design, UI design, backend components, interface specification, REST-based interface, database design, fail-safe architecture & operation, project management according to SCRUM.
Web-Technologien (HTML, CSS, Javascript) Python Django MySQL Redis Solr iOS Objective-C REST
Marketing End user application in the area of marketing
Software architecture (VIPER), interface specification, REST-based backend communication, implementation of frontend and backend components, SCRUM master.
iOS Swift REST Python
Aviation End user application for crew and passengers
Design and development of an iOS-based 3D simulation and iOS applications for crew and passengers.
iOS Objective-C Swift SceneKit VIPER AFNetworking CoreData HockeyApp
Automotive Supplier management for automotive manufacturers
Software architecture, software development, technical lead for work package. Vendor evaluation, business process modeling and implementation.
Automotive Architecture customization of a web-based point-of-sale application
Adaptation of the current software architecture with regard to new integration scenarios, evaluation of various design alternatives, simplification of interfaces, dynamic UI components.
Java EE JSF IBM WebSphere SOAP Tomcat JavaScript